When we create outreach email campaigns, we want them to look as good as possible. 

While it may be tempting to add photos and pictures, so our emails are easier to read and look nicer, it’s best to leave them out.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s best to keep images out of your cold emails.

  1. Spammers often use image-only emails to avoid using words that email filters might catch out. As a result of this, pictures and photos are more likely to cause emails to be flagged as spam
  2. Many internet service providers block images by default. This means the photos and pictures in your emails won’t be seen unless your customers put your email address on a whitelist. 43% of Gmail users block images, meaning there is a high chance prospective customers won’t view the imagery in your outreach emails
  3. Images increase the file size of emails, meaning they take longer to download. This can be frustrating for prospects using mobile data, or viewing emails on their smartphone
  4. Photos and images can take away from the key message of your email, distracting prospective customers and meaning they are less likely to take affirmative action

Remember that the cold emails you send are about building relationships. Focus on connecting with your customers through your words and a killer sales pitch.

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