When you create a new outbound email campaign for your business, it’s only natural that you want to do everything you can to make sure it is successful.

One of the things you can do is buy new website domains. Now, this may seem like an unusual tactic, but there is a method behind the madness. In fact, it’s something that we insist on doing for all our customers.

What do we mean by purchasing multiple domains, and how does it benefit your campaign?

Let’s say that you own www.awesomeproducts.com. We would recommend purchasing www.awesomeproducts.co.uk too. We would then use the co.uk domain to manage the campaign.

There are three reasons behind this.

  1. It keeps your company domain safe. Even with perfect copy and a qualified email list, some people may mark your emails as spam. Enough reports and your domain may be blacklisted. This means less chance of critical customers receiving your emails, and lots of time spent trying to take your company off any blacklists.

Using an alternative domain for the sales campaign protects your primary domain and ensures that you can still reach out to your valued customers.

  1. It helps your sales team manage responses: If you are launching an extensive outbound campaign, using a different domain lets your sales team manage their responses more efficiently.

Your sales team can have an email address on one domain dedicated to cold emails (joe.bloggs@awesomeproducts.co.uk), and another for their general day-to-day emails (joe.bloggs@awesomeproducts.com)

  1. It gives you full control: You have complete control over the volume and content of the emails that go out from this domain. For example, if something happens to your primary domain, you can keep sending sales emails.

Does it sound extreme? Perhaps. But a little bit of preparation means that you can not only optimise your sales team’s time, but safeguard your primary website and email domain.

Don’t have the time to do this yourself? Then you’re in luck! Drop us a message today and we’ll happily show you how we can generate leads for you.