There are a lot of skills you need when selling a product or service. One of the best skills you can have is the ability to tell stories to your customers.

People respond well to stories. We all remember the stories our parents told us growing up, as well as the funny anecdotes that leave us in stitches each time we hear them.

Stories hold people’s attention and most importantly… make them remember you.

In fact, customers that have an emotional connection to your product or service bring 52% more value to your business.

So, how can you weave storytelling into your sales pitches? Here are some of our top tips.

  • Have a story in place of how the company got started. For example, was your brand created by someone who wanted to make the world a better place? Is your brand the underdog against the larger faceless organisations? Knowing this will help you explain how you are different from the competition
  • Explain how your customers use your products or services. Detail who these customers are, where they work, what they do… even what they look like. This will help your customer visualise how your business can help them
  • Tell your customers about you. Why did you come to work for the company? What are your passions? What do you like about working here? This will help your customer see you as a friend rather than a stereotypical salesperson

Storytelling about your brand is a lot easier than you may think – it just takes a little bit of time and practice.

As part of our service, we take the time to understand what sets you apart from your competitors and put your brand at the forefront of prospective customers. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today.