More and more of the workforce is now made up of millennials. According to Inc, one in two employees is now between the ages of 20 and 41.

One of the stereotypes frequently made about millennials is that they hate making and receiving phone calls. You may think this a general assumption made by the older generation, but interestingly… there is truth in the matter! This means that cold calling may not be the best strategy if you’re trying to sell to a millennial.

Why do millennials hate cold calls?

  • Millennials grew up with smartphones and feel more comfortable contacting people in other ways, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Did you know that one in four people in the UK never use their smartphone to make phone calls?
  • Many millennials think that calling someone without warning is bad manners and disrespectful of their time
  • Millennials prefer sales content that is shorter in length. Anything over five to six seconds long, and they have lost interest
  • Making or taking a phone call can be nerve-wracking. After all, millennials are known as one of the most anxious generations, with worries about exams, social media and work top of the list

How to sell to a millennial

If you need to sell your B2B product or service to a millennial audience, cold calling is not the best way. You need to change how you sell to suit your target audience.

We’d recommend email as the best way to pitch to millennials. Your email content can be short and punchy, and your prospect can read it at a time and place convenient to them. Best of all… they don’t need to pick up the phone!

So, ditch the phone calls and consider a cold emailing campaign if you want to sell to millennial customers!

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