If you work in sales or marketing, you may have heard the word ‘cadence’ mentioned before, but you’re not sure what it means.

Cadence originally was a musical term, but applied to email it refers to the number of emails you send and how frequently you send them.

Here are some of our top tips to how you can use cadence to your advantage when contacting your prospective customers.

  • Try and stick to the same frequency when sending emails. Not only will this help your sales and marketing team keep to a consistent routine, but your prospective customers will also know when to expect your content
  • Keep the numbers of emails you send consistent. If you send 100 emails one week and 1,000 the next, your ISP may think you’ve been hacked and may block you from sending emails. Break your email list into smaller, more manageable chunks to get around this
  • If you have a campaign and you want to increase the number of emails you send, go slowly. For example, if you want to up the emails you send to prepare for the Black Friday sales, start gradually increasing the number of emails you send in the months and weeks beforehand. If you go from one email a week to five emails a day straight away, you’ll end up frustrating your prospects
  • Ensure your sending cadence ramps up slowly in order to “warm-up”. When it comes to keeping it warm, the process is fairly simple. Follow the best practices outlined above (namely, keeping your volume and consistency stable) and you should be good to go

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