Writing the perfect prospecting email that people will read is an art form. Here at Funnel Boost, we’ve sent thousands of emails to prospective customers, and we’ve put together our top eight tips to help you write brilliant copy that resonates with your prospects.

1. Keep your email short and sweet

Your introductory email needs to be punchy and to the point. If you send your prospect a 2,000-word wall of text, they’re not going to read it.

For a first email to a prospective customer, keep it below 250 words and about 2-4 paragraphs. You can go into more detail with them later if you need to

2. Be friendly

Imagine your email as an extension of a friendly chat between you and the prospect. You don’t want to come across as too formal.

Address them by name rather than ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’, and if you got off the phone with them, tell them that it was great to talk to them earlier.

3. Avoid jargon

The less jargon and industry-specific wording in your email, the better. You want your customer to be able to scan your email and to understand as much of it as possible.

4. Keep your email clean

As tempting as it may be to send your prospect lots of attachments and a link to your website, don’t do it. The aim of this initial email is to introduce yourself and your company, and you don’t want to bamboozle your prospect with too much information.

5. Suggest a call to action

The aim of this email is to introduce yourself and propose the next step. For example, if you would like to follow up with a call, suggest some dates that would work for you both.

Don’t suggest multiple calls to action – this can come off as desperate.

6. Show you have done your homework

When sending an email to a prospect, it can be tempting to put something like ‘I’d love to arrange a call to explore further how I can help you’ to sound helpful. Don’t do it.

This shows to the prospect that you haven’t researched their needs. You need to show that you have done your homework and you have the solution that is perfect for them.

7. Run a spell check!

Don’t forget to run a spell check before you hit ‘send’. Although you want your email to read as it has been written and fired off quickly, an email full of typos will reflect poorly on you and your company.

8. Check for spamminess

There’s no point writing a perfectly worded email if it goes straight to your prospect’s junk folder.

Remove trigger words like ‘deal’ and ‘urgent’ from your copy and if you have acquired a new email domain, let it settle for a few weeks before you send email from it.

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