We’re big fans of personalising emails, and with good reason!

However, good personalisation is an art form. Three out of every five salespeople and marketers admit that they struggle to personalise their email content.

The easiest way to personalise your emails is to include your customer’s name. However, there are other ways that you can implement personalisation in your cold outreach too.

Here are three of our favourite tricks.

1. Know the intentions of your customer

As we have mentioned before in previous articles, knowing your customer’s pain points will help you sell your product or service to them more effectively.

You can use this in your cold emails, creating templates that explain how you can help solve their problems. For example, if you know that the customer you are targeting wants to save money, you can send them email A. If they want to reduce customer churn, you can send them email B.

This means that your introductory emails will hit home more effectively, and your prospective customer will be more likely to respond.

2. Customise the time you send your emails

Let’s say that you sell your product or service to customers around the world. Sending an email at 10 am UK-time may mean that your email pops up at a random time for an international customer.

For example, 10 am in the UK equates to 6 am in Florida and 9 pm in Canberra! This may have a significant impact on your open rates.

Look at sending your emails at times that are more appropriate for your international customers. If you want to take it even further, review your customer’s previous open rates and send your emails at a time that is personalised to them!

3. Personalise your brand

It’s not just your prospect’s data that you can personalise… you can personalise your business too! This can make your company appear more friendly and not just a faceless organisation.

HubSpot carried out an experiment where they sent two emails. One was sent as HubSpot, and the other was sent from their Marketing Manager. The latter email had a 32% higher click-through rate!

So as you can see, personalisation is more than just putting your customer’s name on the email you send.

Not got the time to do this yourself? Well it’s your lucky day! We specialise in producing hyper personalised emails on your behalf. Drop us a message today, we’d love to talk.