When creating cold email campaigns, it can be hard to know what works best.

  1. Which subject line is the best one to use?
  2. Should I send my email in the morning or afternoon?
  3. Is it best to sign off with ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Thanks’?

The good news is that A/B testing, or split testing, can help answer these questions and much more!

How does A/B testing work?

A/B testing is when you prepare two versions of your outreach email. They are both identical, apart from one significant change – for example, they both have different subject lines.

You split your recipients into two groups and send one version of your email to each. You can then look at the results and see which email was the most successful.

You can then use the winning email moving forward, or test it against another variable… the choice is yours!

A/B testing lets you improve your open rates and see brand new conversions. Plus, as only two out of five businesses use A/B testing on their emails, it’s a great way to get ahead of your competitors.

What can I test with A/B testing?

Absolutely anything! Some of the most popular elements of an outreach email to test include

  1. From line
  2. Subject line
  3. Body of text
  4. Product/service offering
  5. Call to action
  6. Signoff
  7. Optimal day and time to send the email

As long as you test each element separately so you can measure the results, the sky’s the limit!

How will you use A/B testing to see what prospective customers like most about your emails?

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