The average person receives 121 emails every day, so you need to create exciting and informative emails that stand out in people’s inboxes!

Think of the emails you send out like a daily newspaper. You want to give your customer a reason to keep reading by providing them with exciting content.

You don’t want them to stop reading or even worse, start buying a competitor’s newspaper!

With this in mind, here are some of our top tips for writing the perfect email:

Don’t blatantly sell
You want to use your emails to build up a long-term relationship with your customers. Don’t use them just to pitch your products or services.

Customers only care about their own problems
Take a look at your email draft. If every sentence begins with ‘we’ or ‘us’… it’s not a good sign!

Talk about your customers and the challenges they face instead.

Provide something of value
Give your customers something that will be of benefit to them, whether it’s a downloadable resource, some handy hints and tips or something entertaining. This way when you need to sell, they’ll be more willing to listen

Edit your emails
As tempting as it is to write loads and loads of content, keep your emails short and snappy. After all, the average person only has an eight-second attention span!

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