“Hello, this is Joe Bloggs from Makeasale Ltd. I sent you an email last week and wanted to have a quick catchup… Oh, you didn’t receive it?

How many times have you had this conversation? It may be the case that your prospect didn’t read your email, but it may also be the case that they didn’t receive it at all and it is gathering cobwebs in their spam email folder.

It’s true that very little reaches the inbox without a proper technical setup and the SPF, DKIM and DMARC settings are step 1 of several.  Here are some of the other steps you can take:

  1. Make sure your language isn’t too spammy. Using overly-spammy language will trigger your customer’s email filters, guaranteeing your email a one-way ticket to the junk mail folder. If your email uses words like ‘urgent’, ‘bargain’, ‘cheap’ and ‘profit’, you may want to rewrite your sales copy
  2. Check your email signature. Adding several images from external links can trigger spam filters. Keep your signature as streamlined as possible to ensure a healthy open rate
  3. Give your new email domain time to settle. If you have bought a new domain, give it a few weeks before you send an email from it. Sending emails from newly-purchased domains is a huge red flag when it comes to junk emails
  4. Check your email domain isn’t blacklisted. If your service provider suspects you of sending spam in the past, your domain could be blacklisted, meaning that any emails you send are marked as spam by default. If this is the case, you will need to take steps to get off the list or register a new domain (see step number three!)
  5. Send your emails in batches. If you send several hundred identical emails in one go, there is a high possibility that your email campaign will be earmarked as junk. Send your emails in smaller batches to avoid this
  6. Personalise your email. Using mail merge to differentiate your emails will not only improve your deliverability rates but will also make your prospects more likely to read them
  7. Get support from Funnel Boost. It’s hard to make the right changes to ensure that your email campaign reaches as many people as possible, but we can help your sales team optimise your cold emails to ensure that they inspire your prospects to take action, and not to hit the ‘report spam’ button