Did you know that the typical sales team only spends one-third of their day selling? The rest of their day is tied up in research and administration. That’s a lot of wasted time.

If your sales team is spending more time in the CRM system then they are pitching to prospects, it might be time for a shakeup. If you’re looking to change things this year, optimising your sales team and giving them specific roles will help them focus.

The four roles you need to consider

A top-performing sales team will have four essential functions, and you will need salespeople to cover each one.

  1. Inbound lead qualification – these members of the team will qualify the marketing leads that come through your emails, phones and website, and pass them through to the relevant people
  2. Outbound prospecting – these members of the team will find potential customers, and cold email and/or phone them to arrange a meeting or sales demonstration
  3. Salespeople – when the outbound prospectors have arranged meetings, the salespeople will take over and close the sale. They will take the customer through the process until they are signed up
  4. Account manager – when the salespeople have taken the customer through the sales process, the account manager will look after their contract. They will contact the customer to make sure they are happy, offer training, resolve issues and most importantly… ensure they renew their contract

No matter your business’s size, splitting your sales team into specific roles will ensure that your staff work more efficiently and are not distracted by other tasks.

How Funnel Boost can help:

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