Finding, communicating and qualifying prospects is hard. It takes time and resources, which your business may not have, especially if you are an SME or are just starting out.

Here’s how we generate your qualified leads so you can focus on boosting your profits!

  1. We will thoroughly research your business to ensure we know your business inside out. From your target audience and markets through to the products and services you sell, think of us as an extra salesperson in your business!
  2. We offer advice and support as to how you can refine and expand your prospect list, using our decades of sales experience to benefit you.
  3. We quality check every single prospect by hand to make sure it is the perfect match for your business.
  4. We utilise social engagement to warm up your prospects and get them ready for your email campaign.
  5. We are the email writing experts, creating personalised introductory emails with a clear call to action and an enticing subject line.
  6. We review all emails we send for spam and deliverability issues to ensure it lands at the top of your prospect’s inbox… not their spam folder.
  7. We change and evolve your email campaign as it goes along, tweaking your audience, subject line and email copy to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  8. We schedule follow up emails to ensure you don’t miss out on any prospective leads.
  9. We will be in close communication at all times, providing you with feedback and statistics so you can see how your campaigns are faring and how many leads you have won.
  10. We are fully GDPR and PECR compliant and will ensure your email campaign runs in line with these regulations.

Want to find out more about what we can do for you and your business? Contact us today to see your market potential.