We’ve all been there before. You get a marketing list full of amazing prospects; you send them an email introducing your company and then… crickets.

It’s frustrating when all the hard work and money you spend prospecting yields no results for your business.

If you’re in that position at the moment, here are seven ways you can boost your email open rate and get those prospects knocking your door down!

1. Do your due diligence

Research your customer before you fire that email off. Have you got their name and job title right? Do you know what industry they work in? Have you spoken to them before, or is this the first time?

Doing this will not only help you create the perfect email but also avoid any embarrassing mistakes that may scupper your chances of a sale.

2. It’s about building relationships

As tempting as it is to go for the kill in the first email, you need to take it slow.

If you network with someone face-to-face, you wouldn’t ask for a meeting as soon as you’ve introduced yourself, right?

Build up a strong relationship with your prospect first, and then you can offer your services.

3. Remember it’s about the customer

If you send your prospect an email about how great you are and how they need to buy your product or service… they’re going to hit the delete button faster than you can say ‘when I can I arrange a meeting?’

Make your email all about them. If you mention yourself more than you do the customer in your copy, it’s probably a sign you need to do a rewrite.

4. Spend time on your subject line

Even though the subject line of your email is only a few words long, it’s crucial to spend as much time on it as you would the main body of the email.

Your subject line is what will encourage your prospect to read your email and get in touch. Keep it interesting, personal and most of all… short.

Our top tip? Have a look at your previous email and see which subject lines worked the best!

5. Use personalisation

Tailoring your email to each individual customer will help your response rate to skyrocket!

If you’ve done your due diligence, then this should be easy. Do you know anything exciting about their business? Did you read an interesting article about them in the press? Did you go to the same school or support the same football team?

This approach will help endear your prospect to you.

6. Be polite

How would you feel if someone sent you a rude, pushy email? Not great right?

Always be respectful of your prospective customers and don’t pressure them for a response.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

7. Show how you can add value

When selling, you need to be able to show how you can add value to what the prospect does. If you can’t, it’s probably not the right time to reach out.

What are your prospect’s pain points, and how can your product or service alleviate these pain points for them?

In summary… keep your emails short, customise them for each prospect and most importantly… be human!

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